Lincoln's Deathbed in Art and Memory - The "Rubber Room" Phenomenon
Harold Holzer and Frank J. Williams


Book Description


The Mary Lincoln Enigma: Historians on America's Most Controversial First Ladyr American Opportunity

Frank J. Williams (Editor), Michael Burkhimer (Editor), Stephen Berry (Contributor), Brian R. Dirck (Contributor), Kenneth J. Winkle (Contributor), Jason Emerson (Contributor), Richard W. Etulain (Contributor), Harold Holzer (Contributor), Richard Lawrence Miller (Contributor), Douglas L. Wilson (Contributor), Wayne C. Temple (Contributor), Donna McCreary (Contributor), Catherine Clinton (Contributor), James S Brust (Contributor)


Book Description

Mary Lincoln is a lightning rod for controversy. Stories reveal widely different interpretations, and it is impossible to write a definitive version of her life that will suit everyone. The thirteen engaging essays in this collection introduce Mary Lincoln’s complex nature and show how she is viewed today.