Learn About Lincoln

To mark the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth in 2009, the U. S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission created a website resource that featured new and definitive scholarship on the 16th president.  This valuable material included: a chronology of Lincoln’s life (based on the work of many historians, including Don E. Fehrenbacher; podcasts on what Lincoln means to leading scholars; and suggested curriculum materials for teachers at all levels who are eager for classroom materials on Lincoln and the Civil War, among other valuable information.


Now, The Lincoln Forum has re-opened and preserved this treasure trove to make it available in one easy stop on our own Forum website—with the encouragement of former ALBF co-chairman Harold Holzer and board member Frank J. Williams, who serve, of course, as Vice Chairman and Chairman, respectively, of the Forum.  The material is yours to use at will.  It was created by the commission and funded by Congress, so it remains of, by, and for the people—as it should.


Please note: all prompts to donate or “get involved” date to the Lincoln Bicentennial observations back in 2009.  Though these links remain inextricably embedded in the original website, they no longer exist.  Donation and involvement opportunities are of course available from the Forum itself.