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The Lincoln Forum Student Scholarships

Lincoln Forum Student Scholarships

The Lincoln Forum Student Scholarships program recognizes outstanding elementary and high school students who have demonstrated academic and extracurricular excellence as well as an interest in the life and career of Abraham Lincoln and in the Civil War. Up to three students from across the country will be selected to attend the annual meeting of the Lincoln Forum, to be held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, November 16-18, 2014. Scholarships will cover cost of registration, travel, and hotel accommodation for each student. All applications must be received on or before August 31, 2014.

Applicants must submit the following materials:

- A letter (2-3 pages) outlining the student's interest in Abraham Lincoln and why he or she would like to attend the Lincoln Forum meeting
- A letter of recommendation from an applicant's teacher

Application materials should be sent to:

Lincoln Forum Student Scholarships
c/o Thomas A. Horrocks
11A Brewer Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
or via email to:

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